Founded in 1884

The Udumalpet Recreation Club (URC)

History of Our Club

Situated in the picturesque town of Udumalpet, Udumalpet Recreation Club is one of the oldest Clubs (139 years old) in Tamilnadu. The Club was ushered into existence on 26th December 1884, in memory of the illustrious and sincere friend of India, a true Britisher, former Viceroy of India, Lord Ripon who was the Father of Self-Government in India. It was named after him as “The Ripon Memorial Society” and was later changed to “The Ripon Memorial Association” in the year 1889. After India attained Independence, it was changed to the current name as “Udumalpet Recreation Club” in 1953. The Club was originally housed in a small rented building at the western end of the Agraharam Street till about the year 1905 when it was moved into the present premises with beautiful buildings. The main Hall of the building and the raised platform around it were built in the year 1903 by Public subscription at a great cost and was named “Coronation Hall” after the Coronation of Edward VII as Emperor of India. Commemoration volumes of the Coronation pageantry can still be seen among the books of the Club Library. The verandahs on the sides of the main building and the Guest Rooms are later additions. The Tennis Court was built with a really solid brick and mortar foundation in 1891 and it requires no recurring expense for maintenance. It still is one of the oldest (133 yrs old) and well maintained clay Tennis Courts in Tamilnadu.

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