Founded in 1884

The Udumalpet Recreation Club (URC)

About URC

Founded in 1884, the Udumalpet Recreation Club (URC) sits cozily in the heart of Udumalpet town surrounded by Western Ghats on all three sides. It combines the clubbing traditions of British era and those of modern and progressive India. Boasting of excellent modern facilities whilst continuing to retain its Old World charm, the Club is a much sought after place for its members who are prominent citizens of the town of Udumalpet. They include top Industrialists, Lawyers, Doctors, Engineers, Agriculturists, Hoteliers, Entrepreneurs and more. The promotion of fellowship and goodwill among Members for their intellectual, morale and physical improvement has been the main objective of the Club. A Managing Committee elected through democratic means remains committed to upholding the cherished traditions of the Club, ensuring its legacy of excellence continues to flourish. With over 200+ Members, URC is the only prestigious and famous Club in Udumalpet.

History of Our Club

Situated in the picturesque town of Udumalpet, Udumalpet Recreation Club is one of the oldest Clubs (139 years old) in Tamilnadu. The Club was ushered into existence on 26th December 1884, in memory of the illustrious and sincere friend of India, a true Britisher, former Viceroy of India, Lord Ripon who was the Father of Self-Government in India.

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